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GMS high performance Racing Lithium Batteries & charger

Green Motorsport Tested and approved.

New Solar Battery for up to 30 C Operation

Green Motorsport & SEC bring you the Worlds First - Monobloc Catalyst Battery. SEC CELLYTE Solar TSG Monobloc batteries are the first to use a CatVent

New EV Liquid Cooled Electric AC Motor

Green MotorSport have an AC high power electric drive for many applications.

High Power Lead Acid Battery

The Cyclic Monobloc, perfect high power lead acid battery replacement for electric scooters if you want that extra go!

High Power Long Life Deep Discharge Monobloc

CELLYTE TLG Bloc Gel, sealed valve regulated lead acid rechargeable batteries are maintenance free. These advanced gelled electrolyte gas recombination technology ensures reliable performance, safety, outstanding battery life and value.

Single electric motor kits

48-96v Electric AC liquid cooled drivetrain kits

EV rapid chargers

18 Mar 2008 - Green MotorSport now offer a complete range of CE approved super fast electric vehicle charging stations.

Lithium Ion Battery

19 Jun 2011 - Sealed & safeLithium-Ion batteries specifically designed for electric vehicles, complete battery management electronics.


01 Jul 2011 - The new GMS DUAL drive trains are based around the liquid cooled GMS M1 motor which was specially designed to give outstanding performance when used in lightweight family cars.

Solar lights

23 Oct 2009 - The AnyWhere Solar Lighting Kit is a revolutionary new weather proof solar lighting product developed for use in off grid Solar lighting applications.

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