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Water-Cooled / Liquid cooled AC Motors

We offer bespoke motors and complete systems.  With a unique blend of performance attributes - high efficiency, robustness, reliability, high temperature capability and operation over wide speed ranges. Our range of electric motors have been specifically designed to meet the demands of high powered drive trains for  EV application. We offer a compact solution, high torque capability for large or small motors. Motors used in electric and hybrid vehicles have very different demands from those used in an industrial application. The power to weight ratio should be as high as possible, requiring the chosen motor to be compact and light.

The reliability and durability of our electric motors is a direct result of the use of top quality materials, stringent quality control and an experienced design team. We specialize in the development and production of power dense, high efficiency, high performance AC electric motors.

It is important that a motor uses the available energy efficiently, ensuring maximum performance from the electrical energy source.


  • Hybrid & Pure EV vehicles & machinery
  • Amusement rides 
  • Electric cars, boats & motorcycles 
  • Personal, fleet & commercial transportation 
  • Materials handling/traction vehicles 
  • Airport transportation 
  • Golf karts cars & buggies 
  • Personal mobility vehicles
  • Generators, regenerative braking systems (KERS)
  • Military

Pushing the boundaries of existing motor and control technology. Our motors and controllers can be made to any specification.   Low or high voltage systems.

 High performance AC Liquid / water cooled motors

The project motor unit, called the GMS M1 boasts  incredible performance characteristics and amazing value!  The AC water cooled 48 volt high performance, high frequency motor is capable of pulling 650 amps peak.  The AC motor delivers its power in a very different way from the conventional DC motor. The performance is obtained by an impressive water cooling system and efficient windings. The motorís cooling system is unique and is the first of itís kind whereby the water cooling jacket is totally seamless.  The M1 water cooled motor was designed for high performance.

The M1 motor design is compact due to itís liquid cooling, highly efficient windings and the benefits of being brushless and totally sealed from the elements making it durable and robust. This makes it suitable for almost any application, from electric cars to water craft or any other high performance application where keeping costs low is of importance.

The technology will be proven in motorsport, the most demanding environment known for its automotive research and development.  The AC M1 motor was a joint effort of Green MotorSport technology partners, with over 40 yearsí combined expertise in the electric motor business.      

The 48v  liquid cooled GMS M1 AC electric motor was ideal for a range of heavy duty applications.  Electric cars, boats & electric motorcycles. Its weight was 15.543 KG without coolant. (Motor unit contains 1 litre of coolant within its jacket at all times) ( MAX RPM 8000) motor requires continuous coolant circulation.  The motor was subject to rigorous testing in a super kart.      

    (This motor is not a Permanent Magnet AC motor)

Make & Model / Name :  GMS AC M1 Water cooled  :   Code : GMS M1-18N

Type / description  :  3 phase AC motor.  A lightweight high performance water cooled electric motor designed for electric vehicles up to 500KG.


Motor Continuous Rating @ 45 Deg              15-18  KW  (using a 48V 650A motor controller)

Peak  5 minute rating                                       22   KW @ 650A

Torque                                                             45.5 NM @ 4000 rpm  or 50NM at 3800 rpm (cal)

Weight of motor unit without coolant.            15.54KG          

Motor Fabrication                                                 Cast aluminium water jacket and chassis

Motor Voltage                                                  48v optimised ( can be used with 72v- 96v ac motor controllers )

GMS tested and approved Cooling Systems : Brushless seal less centrifugal coolant pump  & closed loop radiator system.

List of field applications                                  EVs : Electric rides,boats, motor sport applications

Certified Dyna-Pro Dynamometers Dyno testing has demonstrated  at 48v, 27.8 foot pounds, 21HP @ 4000 rpm using lead acid batteries.

Quality control                                                                                  

All units are subject to bench testing and physical visual inspection.  Each motor is subjected to a number of basic tests. Computer adjustments for fine tuning performance of operating profile for best efficiency. (EMP locked down performance tweaking with each unit to avoid manufacturing inaccuracies.)

Each motor must be used with a certified performance profile. The unique designed EMP embedded controller software.

Mass Production Liquid Cooled Motors

The refined mass produced version of the M1 liquid cooled electric motor (above) had a number of changes to the prototype M1 in order to significantly reduce the retail price of the motor.  As you can see from our new M1 motor drawings below, we have changed the shape of the cooling jacket and the cooling inlets as well as the main power supply connection fittings. With all these fine tunings and enhanced structural durability changes, we have shaved even more weight off the M1 motor. The weight of the unit is now 15.543 KG. 

Please contact us for a full range of our new next generation cost effective 2014 liquid cooled AC motors.


GMS M1 project motor : 15KW-18kW AC liquid cooled electric motor

Please contact us for Motor & Controller packages.

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