Green MotorSport can supply a range of Dual Powertrains™  Each dual powertrain is designed to suit a specific range of applications.  They are economical electric drive systems that replace the internal combustion engine for both on and off-road vehicles.

The GMS DUAL MK2  powertrain is based around the liquid cooled GMS motors which was specially designed for Green MotorSport to give outstanding performance when used in lightweight family cars or fleet vehicles . At the heart of this electric car package are two high powered controllers, which are matched to the liquid cooled motors and pre-programmed to deliver exceptional flexibility. Although the motors are nominally 36kW, in this configuration, the drive train will run continuously at the much higher levels necessary for passenger vehicles and will deliver exceptional peak power for short periods. This complete package comes with all components.

Two gms motors are used within the protected gearing design configuration to deliver a cost effective, energy efficient drive system. This unique Green MotorSport dual drive configuration gives direct drive to each wheel on the axle with programmable limited slip capability using our designed EMP (encrypted motor profile) embedded controller software.

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MK3 Dual Powertrain Applications include most road vehicles up to 1000 KG
Available in Standard or Sports option ( above feature is the MK2 unit )


Dual motor system unit REF : MK2 GMS-DUAL-36N
Product Name GMS Dual powertrain system
Power rating 36kW Nominal. 70 BHP peak, depending on parameters.
Torque 300 NM or 221.2 foot pounds at the drive shaft can be obtained.
System Voltage 48V
System Profile Motor, controller, Dual preset profile with electronic differential
Reduction Gearing 3.75:1 more details of the gearbox on request
Regen Braking Fully adjustable, pedal release & brake pedal initiation
Materials C250 Aluminium side cases
Weight 43.5KG for MK2 unit, 65KG for MK3 (without controllers) : If further weight reductions are required, please ask about our ground gears upgrade kit for these drives.

(IP and copyright property of Green MotorSport Limited : All rights reserved.)

Package includes

* Fully assembled and tested DUAL power train, including complete gearing.
* Twin AC controller / 700 amps combined rate, ( twin sports controller optional : 1300 amps max. )
 ( each shown below )*
* Electronic differential : encrypted GMS proprietary profiling software.( EMP ) encrypted motor
* Customer handheld programmer,
* Hand brake magnetic communication actuator and magnet
* Dashboard with GMS illuminated snap-fit design dashboard display readout full colour with reversing camera choice and startup logo of your choice.
*Advanced wiring loom, consisting of IP68/IP69K plugs and sockets : (Keyed /Polarized,TPA,&CPA)
*Long run wiring loom extensions are not included in the kit (see details below*)
*Speed sensor, thermal overload motor protection sensors,
*Rugged aluminium cased throttle pedal, ( two different types to choose from )
*DC-DC converter (48v-12v) 200 Watt, suitable for all 12v car electrics,
*High current single line contactors (2*350amp breakers or 2*650amp breakers)
*Dual cooling kit : consisting (12v brushless sealless centrifugal IP54 coolant pumps radiator module,
 weather proof high performance axial fan, 19 mm coolant hose & 19mm clips are not included in our GMS-Dual powertrain package, but can be made available if required.
*Dual radiator module ( includes fan blower unit, inlets & outlets )  
*Propylene Glycol antifreeze to be used, not Ethylene Glycol. (not included) Certified coolant must be used in GMS powertrains to meet warranty requirements.

Note: (12v Twin Pump, Weight 560g) 2.5amps, comes with anti vibration mounting brackets

Coolant Pumps

Single DC-DC converter

Mounting bracket / single linebreaker : Dual powertrain requires 2 breakers

Dashboard /Display module, illuminated snap-fit design dashboard

Dual Controllers

Note: * 2 controllers are required for the Dual. (Mounting methods are optional)


  2*350 amp (left)= 700amps or 2*650 amp (right)= 1300amps controllers.

350 A 48V GMS Standard controller Left : 650 A 48V GMS Sports Controller Right 



This sensor can not be damaged by exposure to sinusoidal vibration levels of up to 20 g’s over the frequency range of 10 Hz to 1,000 Hz


Materials used 

C250 Aluminium is manufactured from a 5083 type alloy.  Casting and heat treatment techniques makes the material extremely stress free  whilst retaining 85 -90% of the strength of rolled plate. It will retain its dimensional tolerances after machining or even after repeated heating and cooling.

Advanced Design and Functionality

Major performance, operational and system advancements over DC systems.
High frequency, silent operation from 0-300 Hz.
48V – 96V battery systems, 350-650 A RMS using 48v systems, 2 minute current ratings.
Powerful operating system allows parallel processing of vehicle control tasks, motor control tasks, and user configurable programmable logic.
Advanced Pulse Width Modulation technology provides efficient use of battery voltage, low motor harmonics, low torque ripple, and minimized switching losses.
Fully programmable for optimal Dual system characteristics.
Built-in battery state-of-charge algorithms and hour meter.

Robust Safety and Reliability

Fail-Safe power component design.
Redundant hardware watchdog timers.
Reverse polarity protection on battery connections.
Short circuit protection on all output drivers.
Thermal cutback, warning, and automatic shutdown provide protection to motor system and controller. Rugged sealed housing and connectors meet IP65 environmental sealing standards for use in harsh environments.

Plugs and Sockets

The connector system we use is specifically targeted for off-road and heavy duty industrial applications.
These connections are designed to meet the rigorous demands of an industry that requires the highest standards of performance. The connection housings offer a one-piece assembly for both plug and cap which provides protection and durability during cycles. The pins offer a thick and high performance alloy base metal, therefore providing increased strength and resistance to stress relaxation while maintaining current carrying capability. The system has an IP69K rating that allows for flawless operation in the harshest environments. The high protection rating guarantees absolute ingress-resistance, even in applications subject to frequent cleaning processes.

Cooling relay module

The GMS dual relay module is designed to be a cost effective solution for system cooling regulation. Programmed switching of the pump and fan units from the controller enables optimum cooling performance. The dual cooling relay module consists of a rugged mounting bracket, component holder as well as incorporating connections for easy system integration.

Technical update

To avoid problems with interference all the connections between the motor and controller must be no longer than 500mm.

Wiring Loom

Long run wiring loom extensions are not included in the kit : these are quoted per meter separately.
Distances from each component device are required.
( Cost is separately calculated based on cable length and number of sockets used. For example,
 cable distance from foot pedal to controller or dashboard to controller.)

( Please ask for a component layout measurement diagram, so you can add your cable lengths into
 the loom specification diagram for a completed quotation.)

Constant-Velocity Joints Drive shafts and couplings

Constant velocity joints can also be supplied for any vehicle type. Please ask for a selection of common drive connection components suitable for the Dual Powertrani that have been identified for your convenience.

Please ask about these components suitable for your vehicle type.


Meets or complies with relevant US and International Regulations
GMS Motor Standards: IEC STANDARD ISO 9001-2000 BS EN ISO 9001-2000 DIN ISO 9001-2000
RoHS Policy/Statement of Awareness:
Green MotorSport fully understands our obligation under RoHS Directive : Compliance Forms for all products will be supplied.
WEEE Policy/Statement of Awareness:
We produce a product which is required to comply with the WEEE Directive and will supply adequate instructions with the products for disposal purposes.
Dual AC Motor Speed Controllers are designed to meet:
EN 50081-1-2 EN 61000-6-2 EN 12895 EN 1175 IP65 Rated per IEC 529
UL Recognized Component Status, UL 583
Plugs and Sockets: IP69K
Sensors : Regenerative brake pedal sensor : SAE J1843 / SAE J1113-13 Immunity to Electrostatic Discharge ESD) / SAE J1113-4 / SAE J1113-12 / SAE J1113-21 / SAE J1113-22 / SAE J1113-26 / SAE J1113-41


We recommend using our 180AH-400AH lithium cells with the dual systems 
Green MotorSport Limited can now offer direct from our lithium facilities in Switzerland a range of high quality tested and approved cells and make fully functional battery packs with onboard battery monitoring and control systems that feature efficient and lightweight switch mode technologies. We also supply the battery terminal bus bars and connection packs and a range of lithium battery chargers from 1500 Watt to 8000 watt units for 48-96 volt system voltages. We can also supply rapid chargers.  The image below is of the Mk2 GMS Dual drive.

For single motor kits please see our M1 kit.

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