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Green MotorSport – Advanced Motor Technology

Green MotorSport (GMS) are proud to display their new range of products designed for the emerging electric vehicle market.

The new motors are a result of years of research and development and the control systems are pre-programmed exclusively by GMS, to deliver exceptional flexibility and performance as required.  These systems solve performance and cost issues associated with conventional electric drive products.
The GMS Power Train, based on our in house designed, liquid cooled, AC electric motor is an economical, highly efficient electric drive system that is suitable for a range of applications for both on and off-road vehicles and is also particularly suited to applications in the marine environment.
The amazing performance of this powertrain has already been clearly confirmed by the achievements of our demonstrator vehicle which successfully completed the 2014 WAVE expedition, and never faulted in any way when faced with the serious climb over the Alps.

green motorsport automotive motor systems

electric motor powered marine systems alternative to wind and muscle power.

In many areas there is great concern over pollution risks from  using combustion engines on the water. In some areas they have already been banned, and it may not be long before such a ban applies on all English waters, which will leave electric as the only alternative to wind and muscle power. The Green MotorSport Electric Drive System is ideally placed to be the premium solution to meet the latest environmental protection rules for inland waterways. The motor is tried and tested in a variety of applications and utilizes powerful dual-microprocessor logic architecture to provide improved performance and surpass the requirements of the latest international functional safety standards. It is also liquid cooled with an integrated thermal sensor which means it can supply heat to other boat facilities, including hot water tanks and cabin heating systems. With its carefully designed high grade, high strength construction we have built a high torque, low vibration motor that is easy to position and fit. As part of our new drive train it delivers a high power low voltage system which is safe for marine environments. It provides an unbeatable combination of economy, power, performance and functionality. It is also entirely British, having been designed to Formula One standards, and superbly engineered to deliver cost effective performance using the highest quality materials and workmanship. This system which can be 24 to 96 volts is extremely flexible, and can accommodate multiple motors if required.

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