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Green MotorSport – Sponsorship and Support Opportunities

GMS has been involved in the annual World Advanced Vehicle Expedition since the very start. The WAVE provides a unique opportunity to test the latest technology – and to show it off to all the world.
Each year the sponsors of the Green MotorSport Ltd entry in WAVE have the opportunity to be involved in various aspects of the event.

In 2011 Green MotorSport took part in the first WAVE, driving around Europe powered by solar energy. In subsequent WAVEs, in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and in 2016 we showed our electric vehicles to NGOs, governments and the people of Europe. Green MotorSport entry has accumulated several awards for its achievements.

Wave not only demonstrates the viability of the technology used in the various vehicles, but also provides a unique marketing opportunity for sponsors to be associated with these exciting developments by using the space available to decorate the entry vehicles with their logos.


These opportunities can be broken down into various sections:

European Rally participation
Every year our motor sport rally of choice is WAVE Trophy.  The Wave is a pan European battery electric car endurance competition powered by renewables. This offers Green MotorSport Ltd and its partners international media and press coverage as well as durability testing of our latest development work.

Product merchandising
There are many opportunities here. Our team requires a full range of technical equipment for our electric rally cars, team clothing, renewable energy, cables, batteries, electronics, tyres, storage equipment, food, drink, computer and navigational equipment. We can probably use whatever you can supply!

Technical Support
This ranges from supplying computer software to technical hardware. This could include Sat Nav equipment or in car display, monitoring or diagnostic equipment.

We participate in several events in the UK as well as Europe, where people get the chance to experience our electric creations. These include environmental events, fairs, craft shows together with mainstream car and motorsport arrive and drive events.

Educational Talks and Demonstrations
Green MotorSport Ltd is often invited to give talks about electric vehicles to various different age groups for schools and colleges.

Crowdfunding Partnerships
Green MotorSport activities provide opportunities for the public to get involved in our events and projects with our crowdfunder website. See our crowdfunder video.

Vehicle Development Partnership
Following the success of the Green MotorSport powered buggy in last year’s Wave we are keen to extend our activities with the aim of developing a cost effective, reliable electric car. We would be interested in working with partners to develop new applications for our existing drive systems.

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