World Advanced Vehicle Expedition

Green Motorsport’s testbed for technology

Electric vehicles powered by energy from the sun, wind and wave.


The World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE) Rally was launched in 2011 with the objective of starting to change road transport to electric vehicles powered by energy from the sun, wind and wave.

The WAVE Trophy electric car rally is not only the world largest EV rally, but is also an excellent testing ground for all types of electric road vehicles, with advanced batteries, motors and controllers evaluated in tough real life conditions.

Green MotorSport was the first team to represent Great Britain in WAVE back in 2011 and has been representing Great Britain for over 4 years in the WAVE trophy.  It’s our main proving ground for all our automotive electric drive technologies.

In WAVE 2011 we visited 36 cities between Paris and Prague. Each year the number of electric cars, vans and bikes participating has increased with the Guinness Book of Records confirming that a world record number of 481 battery powered vehicles took part in WAVE 2014. 75 teams from 14 nations have driven 1600 km across spectacular landscapes between Stuttgart, Bavaria and the Swiss Alps.


  • 2011

    Best design, most comfortable environment, best charging facilities. 1st place Sep 14th 2011.

  • 2012

    Completed Course : PEA Award winner in 2012 for Sustainability in Sport with WAVE.

  • 2013

    1st prize Best Car Decoration. 3rd for most efficient drive. Guinness Book of Records Achieved

  • 2014

    1st prize, easy recharging technology. 3rd prize general class. Runner up in 2014 PEA Awards for Transport. Guinness Book Of Records achieved.

  • 2015

    Both GMS Team cars 1 & 11 Completed Kings Rally stage WAVE, Car 1, 3rd prize for best Prototype. Both cars reached the highest point in Europe at 2750 meters in the Italian Alps. Team (11) winning best Blogger prize and 1st prize for Best Design. Vehicle 1 achieved 1976 miles and Team 11  achieved 2460 miles during WAVE 2015.


Wave 2016

The 6th WAVE  took place between 11th and 20th June 2016, with a route starting in  Bremerhaven visiting Geneva stopping off at numerous checkpoints in 50 cities across Europe. The WAVE organisers assist by installing the latest recharging equipment en route, which will enable fast charging. Each WAVE adds to the number of European recharging points which are powered by energy from the sun and wind, so that drivers of zero emission vehicles will in due course be able to travel freely around Europe.

In general each WAVE rally consists of visiting governments, business leaders, schools and places of interest. Events include live TV and radio interviews, press announcements, video displays and competitions. The public are also invited to test drive electric vehicles and see how they are recharged by renewable energy. For more information on WAVE see,

If your company would like to join or support our dedicated WAVE team we have various opportunities to suit nearly every budget from technology partners to Corporate sponsorship packages.

WAVE 2014 & 2015 Team 3 (2014) Team 1 (2015) Green MotorSport

Project Aims: Complete WAVE rally and test the motor drive system. Supply the market with a cost effective robust electric utility vehicle.

The GMS Tapir Utility Prototype Buggy 2014-2015 specifications:
  • Battery: Twin 48V Lithium battery pack, 400AH in total, with full GMS BMS systems
  • Motor: 2014 Green MotorSport Cost effective Liquid cooled motor 42 BHP
  • Controller: GMS Liquid cooled AC Curtis controller with full CAN BUS and GMS software
  • Speed: 50 MPH single gear belt drive with full differential
  • Range: Approx  160KM-200 KM
  • Weight: Under 900 KG fully loaded
  • Seats: 2
  • Charger: 2 chargers. Charged from any outlet. 13A 16A /three phase.
  • Charge time: 4 hours. Using 2 16A sockets
  • Tracking system: AGM Telematics industrial tracking system
  • Wheels: Midland Wheels
  • Rear Diff drive: Z cars fabrication



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