Green MotorSport is preparing for its annual drive around Europe powered by solar energy, in the World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE) from 12th to 21st June.  The purpose of WAVE is to evaluate the latest advances with battery electric vehicles powered by renewable energy and to give awards in several categories.  This year the WAVE will start in Plauen near Berlin and visit over twenty towns and cities with demonstrations given at schools, local businesses, government offices and communities.   The WAVE will finish in the high Alps, covering some of the most difficult terrain in Europe.wave_2015_map

Green MotorSport has joined the WAVE every year and finds it a great proving ground for our technology.  In the first year we collected three first prizes.  The following year, upon our return to the UK, Gordon Foat was presented with the People and Environment Achievement award 2012 for Sustainable sport.  In 2014 the WAVE was accepted by the Guinness Book of World Records as the event with the largest number of electric vehicles.

Advanced electric vehicles

Green MotorSport is continuing to refine our electric motors, drive train and associated technology for niche electric car production companies. In 2014 we launched a brand new cost effective liquid cooled electric motor system suitable for automotive and marine applications. The company also provides a plug and play lithium battery pack sold as a simple kit.  People often ask if our electric vehicles will give them sufficient range.  In the UK, the National Travel Survey by the UK Department of Transport shows that the average person in England travels for just one hour a day, covering less than 20 miles, while our electric vehicles give a range of at least 100 miles on one charge.  If people want to travel further they can use public transport or drive their electric vehicles where there are recharging points on motorways. Much more action is needed to install electric recharging points at garages, people’s homes, shops, schools, hospitals and offices.

The widespread use of electric vehicles will contribute to a cleaner environment for all. Starting in urban areas, we will create a pleasanter environment in our cities and make walking and cycling much more enjoyable. Another project is for the use of our electric vehicles to carry seedlings and equipment in the rainforests in Brazil with the Growing Air Foundation.  The roofs of our workshops will be installed with solar panels, which will provide clean energy for about thirty years.  We will also combat the other major environmental problem, climate change. According to the report entitled Global High Shift Scenario by the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy, C02 emissions from urban transport, driven by rapid growth in car use, has been the fastest growing source of C02 in the world.  The US National Oceanic & Atmospheric administration (NOAA) has just announced that the global average C02 level in the atmosphere of 400 parts per million (ppm) is the highest for about 2 million years.  The rate of increase in atmospheric C02 is accelerating according to recent reports by the UN and the UK’s Royal Society.

Green MotorSport supports all types of electric vehicles. Our drive trains ensure high performance and first class acceleration for battery, hybrid or fuel cell vehicles.  If you drive mainly in urban areas you may find a battery electric vehicle is more efficient and cheaper. It may be better to use fuel cells if you usually drive for longer distances, at least until the advanced recharging infrastructure is in situ.

Gordon Foat

Gordon Foat

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