After being up in the mountains filming my range was reduced because of the cold and also the fact I had to keep going back up the mountain to collect the camera man! However it was well worth it and I can’t wait to see the video! I managed to make it to the town of Vaduz by 11.00pm thanks to a kind chap in a local filling station who provided me a 3 phase outlet. Then on from here the camera man and I drove another 30km to recharge in Austria! We were saved by a chap called Lukas who then told told me that he was working with Zumtobel! Small world as I had just been on a Zumtobel LED educational course with them in the UK months before with my good friend Mr Kett. Small world! 🙂 Lukas was amazing, he was a real superman, he gave me power, food and a warm place to get some sleep before I headed off on the next stage!