Gordon of GMS is also working to bring to market renewable energy technologies which will have applications in both the UK and in developing countries. My Company was invited by John Carr, a Medic working in the far reaches of Kathmandu in Nepal, to join an environmental project to see if enough renewable energy could be gathered from the wind and sun in the region to power a medical centre and perhaps an electric car. Currently we have assisted with some professional wind and sun monitoring equipment and very much look forward to the results of the team findings.

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On July 5th The WAVE group wants to break the world record for the largest electric car parade ever! Everyone with an electric car is invited to come to Switzerland’s most popular party in Zürich, which will take place under the supervision of the Guinness Book of World Records. Sponsorship opportunities available with Green MotorSport.

Help the Forest Grow!

Gordon’s company is joining hands with the Growing Air Foundation “GAF” to wield a double -edged sword against climate change. Both sustainable energy and reforestation are necessary to lower greenhouse gases and normalize weather patterns. GAF uses 90% of its donations for reforestation.

In association with GAF, will help plant trees in selected zones around the world. Part of the funding raised by Green MotorSport for WAVE 2013 will go towards planting trees within the GAF program. Sponsoring Green MotorSport in the forthcoming WAVE 2013 will help GAF to undertake the reforestation of selected zones in Brazil. Zones include 1500 hectares just outside Rio de Janeiro. This area is close to a community and is therefore a good place for promoting new tree nurseries for further planting. It will also act as a base for creating the possibilities for essential oils, fruit and nut production, affording indigenous people with a sustainable livelihood. Help us plant over 140,000 new trees comprised of 275 varieties! A minimum contribution of £250 per WAVE sponsor enables small companies to get involved with GMS and WAVE and help the reforestation project directly. Sponsors will benefit from having their logos on the WAVE car, demonstrating their commitment towards being green, as part of the funds raised will be used directly on the GAF project. See www.greenmotorsport.com for more details!