Another Action packed day for the WAVE team, We managed to arrive at the correct time collecting 10 points at the Mosnanh high school where all the teams gave a presentation to 150 students. Lots of fun talking about the MIA and our trip so far from London. Great to see so many happy people in one place! From here we popped in to see Renault Switzerland to see the new range of electric cars the group were making. From here we headed towards Siemens where we had a tour of the building and PV plant charging the electric cars. Most impressed with the environmental energy system on the building. They seem to be reducing the carbon footprint by over 17% in one year alone. With a staff level of over 450 employees it looks very impressive. Massive thanks to Siemens for making our Team GB welcome! 🙂 After this we were all invited for the Evening at St. Andreas Castle, Cham, Switzerland.