Final preparations are in hand in Genoa, Italy, for the launch of this years WAVE! The 2012 World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE) is commencing on Sunday 9th September. Over 19 electric cars powered by renewable energy will drive from Italy across France, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands, to finish on 22nd September in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The global media is invited at each stage of the drive in order to promote interest in the development of clean, electric vehicle technologies for future generations.

Louis Palmer, the founding Director of the WAVE, has given Gordon Foat once again the exclusive opportunity to drive for the UK this year in this spectacular display of electric vehicle technology. Gordon Foat is the Director of Green MotorSport Limited, an award winning company. Earlier this year he was given the 2012 People and Environment Achievement Award for Green Sport. Last September, during 2011, Gordon, representing Team GB, drove from Paris to Prague, stopping at 30 cities en route, in the first ever WAVE, collecting an astonishing 4 awards for electric vehicle technology. The WAVE is a leading international event to raise awareness of renewable energies and electric mobility as brilliant solutions for a greener and better future.


20 teams from European countries are driving across Europe. Each team must feed electricity from a renewable source, such as wind or solar into the grid in their home country. This shows that each person can produce his own electricity at home from renewable sources and drive in a clean way. En route, the vehicles will withdraw that energy from any power socket. Each participating vehicle must show proof of clean and green energy production from their home country.

The UK’s energy sponsor for WAVE 2012 is The Moss Solar Trust, which supplied Team GB’s renewable solar energy for WAVE in 2011. Events will be organized in each City visited to spread this powerful message to a global audience: ” Letfs move the whole world to renewable energies and electric mobility! ” Since last yearfs WAVE we already have more wind and solar energy stations providing on site zero carbon charging facilities for our electric vehicles, and it is our aim to make renewable energy available to all drivers in the future.

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We will visit governments, business leaders, schools and places of interest. Two or more events are planned every day, which will include press announcements, radio and TV interviews, video displays and competitions. Each event will be followed by a drive of up to 120 kms. The WAVE will be recorded and the pictures made available to television, cable and satellite channels around the world. The WAVE Management is organizing 10 competitions, held on different days in different locations. Prizes will be awarded for various categories, including safety, design and range. Each competition will have a different jury, arranged by the event host for that city. Altogether there will be prizes awarded with a total value of 10,000 Euros.

TEAM GB sponsors

The main sponsor for team GB is Southwest Heating Solutions.

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