It’s been a long day and so waxing lyrical might be the trend for this entry. Generally I don’t like waxing anything but since I feel comfortable with lyrical I shall give it my best shot without wounding anyone.
Sitting in a moving vehicle powered by the sun traveling the black ribbon of road unfolding before me as it slipped through the forest was something more then simply a drive.

The trees we passed on this sojourn, the wisdom they hold is truly something to behold, to honor and respect. These beings have been here so much longer then we humans, they have withstood the passage of time on slippered feet quietly observing the changing seasons and the folly of humanity throughout the ages. Yet as I sail by on 4 wheels in an electric vehicle I feel an intense sensation of safety, of being protected and held in the embrace of the natural world. I feel as though the trees know I am but one small ally and their intention is to cover my back and gently push me forward to achieve the intended goal of saving their brothers and sisters in the Atlantic Rain Forest. There is no translation needed as the ambassadorial birds sing of natures plight and my understanding is complete of what they request of me.