It has been a number of days since writing the first blog. I had to face the fact that my sometimes-impossible optimism about being able to get online even though we were all warned it would be difficult was failing miserably. So, like any contemporary geek I made the final decision and through my provider I arranged a traveling hotspot that most likely will send my wallet straight into cardiac arrest, which will only happen once I get home.

The days have rolled into a Mobius strip of early mornings, rushed breakfasts, downed coffees, loading the buggy, unplugging and hitting the road through some of the most staggeringly beautiful landscapes. The towns and cities we have thus far visited, although architecturally and historically beautiful simply pale when looking at those rolling hills climbing into mountains challenging the clouds sailing by in an unimaginably blue sky. And the trees, the forests we drive through as the road unwinds before us, a safe place, a beautiful place, and a peaceful place. This is how the world should be!