After another 70 km drive we reached our hotel in Cloppenburg to get some rest for the next day and the stage from Leer to Harlingen in the Netherlands! We left Cloppenburg early this morning. We charged overnight at Hotel Schlömer. To get to Leer which was our last stop in Germany we had to travel about 70 kilometres which was no problem in our MIA, for any of the vehicles in the field. But it turned out to be a big challenge for us because the next stage from Leer to Harlingen was a whopping distance of 160 kilometres! We were given three hours to top up. In Leer we also had to face our next competition, “Biggest Luggage Compartment”. The competition was won by E-Wolf. After charging and having lunch in Leer we went off to take some pictures close by at some wind turbines. The next day will be the last one. Tomorrow we will have driven more than 2,600 kilometres from Genova to Amsterdam powered by regenerative energy only! A big thanks to Moss Solar for providing the energy for our team!