The first day of the WAVE began with, well, not a bang but a drive to Zwickau which for all intents and purposes would then lead us to the Sachsen ring followed by Chemnitz and winding up in Leipzig.


However, as we approached Zwickau the SAT NAV, in no uncertain terms, took a flying leap into an alternative universe where left became right and right became left which might be due to the fact that it was geared for steering wheels on the right side of ones vehicle. It led us through ever more confusing concentric circles leading nowhere. It began its own route towards the great state of confusion. I assumed the SAT NAG would hit the throttle at warp speed insuring a safe arrival at the Sachsen ring long before we had gotten there! Be that as it may and the number 42 the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy left us, pure and simple. Continue Reading ->